The training of naval officers led the Shorts to think that aircraft development would be based on using water take-offs and landings as there were no hard runways at that time.


Continuing success led to the search for larger premises with access to a clear stretch of water and that led to Borstal, Rochester on the banks of the River Medway. The land was purchased from a Rochester councillor and so The Seaplane Works was ‘born’ in 1917.


Gradually the Shorts erected more and more ‘workshops’ with No.1 at the Rochester end and finishing with No.18 at the far end. As No.2 shop became available the workforce started their move away from Eastchurch to Rochester.


Shellbeach / Leysdown / Muswell Manor  Timeline: 1913

1909 - 1917

Shellbeach / Leysdown / Muswell Manor Timeline

Shellbeach / Leysdown / Muswell Manor  Timeline: 1909 - 1917