Short Brothers Aviation Pioneers

1908 – 1909

Battersea Timeline: 1908 - 1909


In the beginning – LIGHTER-THAN-AIR
Eustace purchased, repaired and learned to fly an old coal-gas filled balloon called ‘The Queen of the West’ that enabled himself and Oswald to set up a showman aeronautical business giving displays at flower shows such as the Chesterfield, Flower Show, the York Gala and fairgrounds around the country whilst Horace was still at The Panuco Silver Mine in Mexico.



The first aeroplane the three Short brothers built was named the SHORT no.1 in the Battersea railway arches 75 and 81 and was Horace’s first design.

It was bought by Frank McClean but never flew as the motor car engine used was too heavy. Horace then went on to be recognised as a design genius by knowledgeable others in the aeroplane design and construction business.

The three brothers were noted (Hon. C.S.Rolls and others) for the very high quality of their work