Short Brothers Aviation Pioneers

EmployeePositionYearLocationSupplier of InfoShorts Employee Link to SupplierAdditional InfoSource
Frederick QuittendenStorekeeper1915 onwardsEastchurch and RochesterMartin HubbardPaternal Great GrandfatherMartin Hubbard
Edward HubbardWorks Inspector 1920's - c Sept 1940Rochester AirportMartin HubbardPaternal GrandfatherWorked on Stirlings. Relocated to Swindon in 1940 post 15 August 1940 bombing raid on airport.Martin Hubbard
Edward Hubbardc Sept 1940 - 1945South Marston, SwindonMartin HubbardMartin Hubbard
Percy ShepherdWorks Superintendent1920's - c Sept 1940Rochester AirportMartin HubbardPaternal Great UncleWorked on Stirlings. Relocated to Swindon in 1940 post 15 August 1940 bombing raid on airport.Martin Hubbard
Percy Shepherdc Sept 1940 - 1945South Marston, SwindonMartin HubbardMartin Hubbard
Margaret Hubbard (nee Quittenden)Secretary1920's until c 1928RochesterMartin HubbardPaternal GrandmotherLeft in 1928 to have my Auntie.Martin Hubbard
Hugh BoddyDrawing Office/ Parts Buyer1920's - 1930'sRochesterMartin HubbardGreat UncleMartin Hubbard
Hugh Oswald ShortChairman1901 - 1940'sSussex, Battersea, Leysdown, Eastchurch and RochesterMartin HubbardNo relationMartin Hubbard
Horace Short
Eustace Short
John Lankester ParkerChief Test Pilot1918 - 1945Eastchurch, RochesterMartin HubbardNo relationMartin Hubbard
Sir Arthur GougeCarpenter1915EastchurchMartin HubbardNo relationMartin Hubbard
Sir Arthur GougeTest Department (Water Tank)1920'sRochesterMartin HubbardNo relationMartin Hubbard
Sir Arthur GougeChief Designer1926 - 1932RochesterMartin HubbardNo relationMartin Hubbard
Sir Arthur GougeGeneral Manager/ Chief Designer1932 - 1943RochesterMartin HubbardNo relationMartin Hubbard
A.E BibbyWorks Manager1910 - 1940's?Eastchurch, RochesterMartin HubbardNo relationMartin Hubbard
C.P.T LipscombeAssistant Chief Designer1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relationMartin Hubbard
W.C JacksonAssistant Chief Designer1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relationSource: Flight Magazine (1936), Employees who made Shots Famous Photo
J.H WoodCompany Secretary1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
Wyborn1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
Coppins1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
Lawson1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
Watson1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
Robert BoormanChief Technical Engineer1926- 1940's?RochesterRichard BoormanUnclePart of Shorts Technical Team visiting Japan
Clarke1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
Dyer1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
Smart1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
ParkesChief Draughtsman1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
Newton1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
NewnhamForeman in Charge1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
Drury1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
Cozens1920's - 1940's?RochesterMartin HubbardNo relation
Frederick GibbsMachinist, Fitter1920's - 1945Sheppey, Rochester Esplanade and AirportMichael GibbsGrandfatherWorked on StirlingsShort Brothers Website
George Arther LewingMechanical Fitter1939 - 1946/7Rochester EsplanadeLewing relativeWorked in No 4 Shop
Nancy Emily LewingCanteen1930's - 1945Rochester EsplanadeLewing relativeLeft to have children
William JosephForeman1911 -EastchurchJill GesseauMaternal Grandfather
Arthur Henry CroweLabourer1909 -EastchurchAlan CrowePaternal Grandfather
William WellerWood Machinist, Saw Doctor1914 - 1948Eastchurch, Rochester EsplanadeHugh RobinsGrandfather
Winifred Joyce WellerClerk8 Sept 1924 - 4 July 1931Hugh RobinsMother
Harry James WoolleySheet Metal Worker (Coach building department), Progress Engineer1927 -1947RochesterLyn and David WoolleyDavid's GrandfatherWent to Alxandra Egypt to repair a Calcutta, Commendation for designing a Sunderland safety door.
Victor William Kenneth DayElectrical Engineer
Gordon E HuxtedFitterJan 1940 - 25 April 1947Rochester Esplanade and BelfastHimself and Lee PooleyWorked as fitter in No 8 Rochester Esplande Shop on Sunderland decks and skeleton tank lids
Louis BrownSupervisorMid - late 1940'sMadingley Road, Cambridge and RochesterHimselfWorked on Stirling in Cambridge and Shetland at Rochester
Jack RalphApprentice1942 - 1946Rochester AirportHimselfStirlings and Tallboy bombs
David SmithFitter, Sheet Metal Worker1945Rochester Esplanade No 18 ShopHimself
Hector SmithChaffeur, Engineer1917- Eastchurch, RochesterDavid SmithUncleWorked on Scion Engine
Stephen FoyFitter1944-45Centre E Rochester AirportHimself
Stephen Foy1945 - 46Flying School, Rochester AirportWorked on Sturgeons
Patrick BryantRochesterMaughan BryantFather
Brother of Patrick BryantFire warden and engineer1940's - 50'sRochesterMaughan BryantUncle
Hilda RoeInspector and Machinist1938? - 1940Rochester Airport, Strood Extension Factory, Rochester EsplanadePeter CookWorked on Stirlings
Marge BlackMachinist Boss1940Rochester AirportHilda RoeHilda's BossWorked on Stirlings
Bethe CrowtherFuselage Cladding1940Rochester EsplanadeAndrew ClarkeWorked on Sunderlands
Zena NealSupervisor1930's - 1940'sRochester EsplanadeMrs Bobby BloyceLeft to get married in early 1940's
Ronald LambPlanning Office1942Rochester Esplanade No 3 shop, Strood ExtensionHimself
William MasonPanel Beating Workshop1940'sRochester EsplandePeter MasonWorked on Sunderland's
Jack MasonPanel Beating Workshop1940'sRochester EsplandePeter Mason
Hugh HarrisInstrument Maker and TechnicianRochester AirportNicola Michelle PrattGrandfatherShort Brothers Facebook Page
Bernard William LivelyAircraft metal worker1939RochesterJulie HuntFather
Joseph LivelyAircraft Labourer1939RochesterJulie HuntGrandfather
Malcolm WestApprentice1936-39 and 1945-48Rochester Esplanad, BelfastLesley AllsoppCalled up in intervening period. Spent first 6 monhts boring holes in a sackful of metal boxes.
Nell FloryFactory Floor and Blueprint Room - checked aircraft assembley of Stirlings against blueprints.1940 - 1944Rochester EsplanadeJonathan SaundersGreat Auntfortunately I transcribed the family history conversations I had with Aunt Nell - in 1941 she went to the Labour Exchange to seek war work and was sent on a 6 week engineering course at Gravesend. After that, she worked for Shorts at the Esplanade for about a year and then moved up to the airport. She was then checking aircraft assembly of Stirlings against the blue prints - I am not sure if this was just the fuselage or full aircraft assembly ... she mentioned how light the fuselage was. She worked all through her first pregnancy but didn't work after her eldest child was born, which I think was late 1943/early 1944. Her husband was wounded early on in Normandy and she definitely didn't work after that as she followed him around various hospitals across the country, mainly in the north. She said working at Shorts gave her a better sense of herself as she was doing a worthwhile job and it was a bonus that she was also better paid at Shorts. As a balance, she also said she tried hard not to think of the consequences of the bombing raids on Germany - she was a very gentle person. I hope that helps.
Donald Louis JonesAircraft Fitter1940sRochesterJonathan SaundersNo relationI just became interested in his story. Donald Louis Jones of Linden Rd, Gillingham described in 1939 census as a "aircraft fitter & turner apprentice", which I assume was at Shorts. In 1940 he was also a volunteer with the ARP in Gillingham. In July 1940 he saved a couple in a bombing raid on Gillingham (intended for the dockyard). Jones crawled under rubble to find them and held up masonry with his back, whilst protecting the couple who were pinned by a fallen joist and masonry. He did this for 4 hours whilst the rescue party dug out the couple, who had fallen through 2 floors. Churchill wrote to the King and requested an immediate award of the British Empire Medal for Jones ... if it had been a 6 weeks later it would have been the George Medal (it wasn't instituted until Sept 1940). I believe it may have been the first "gallantry" award to the ARP in WW2. In 1944, Jones was married in Chatham and he gave his occupation as something like "Aircraft Fitter" - I believe this was almost certainly at Shorts.
J. F DeanesFitter, Sheet Metal WorkerJan 1927 - 26 September 1947RochesterMark BeattieGrandadHas letter of termination and Photo pass on Facebook page. Pass ID 8455. Dated 1st March 1942
Ronald ClarkeDraftsman16-Dec-40Rochester EsplanadeMarion CoggerFatherI have now had a look through my Dad’s paperwork and have:
His apprenticeship Agreement of Service dated 16th Dec 1940;
Details of the apprenticeship scheme dated 1940;
A copy of the Royal Visit book but not sure if the year;
A photo of what I think might be the Shorts band - my Dad and possibly Grandad played in the band;
What I think are negatives of some of the Shorts planes.
I also had a load of photos, booklets, and reprints and passed them to the Medway Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society via their Kent rep and I believe they are held at Rochester airport. I have the full list of what I handed over.

Edward PaineApprentice and Draftsman1930's - 1940'sRochester Teresa PaineGrandadInterruped during war by call up
Betty MilnerOffice AssistantRochester EsplanadeBeth HogwillGrandmother
Elizabeth Paine (nee Moore)Inspector1940'sRochesterTeresa PaineNan
Joy TindallAssistant to Secretary Anne King of Works Manager Maxwell Holroyd1940'sRochesterGill ButlerMother
Anne KingSecretary to Maxwell Holroyd1940sRochesterGill ButlerNo relation
Maxwell HolroydWorks Manager1940'sRochesterGill ButlerNo relation
Bill TrotterWorks ManagerLate 1940'sBelfast and RochesterGill ButlerNo relation
Edgar (Eddie) RobsonDrawing Office1940'sRochesterStephen RobsonFatherInvolved in system to drop doors and run out bomb trolleys on Sunderlands
Harold Johnny JohnsonTechnical1937 onwardsRochester, BelfastAndrew McCrackenGrandfatherHe became head of technical publications in due course in Belfast so he would have had a hand in most planes produced one way or another. He was living in Borstal working for Shorts well before 1937 when my Mum was born there. The family moved c1948 and would he have retired in Belfast around 1978 or so. There is an untold story of the families who agreed to leave all behind and relocate to Belfast with Shorts. Many of these Kent families created little micro communities of Short's families in houses built for them by the company, certainly ours was one.
Tom Silvester1940's ?Rochester, BelfastAndrew McCrackenGreat Uncle
Eric Yeabsley1940's ?Rochester, BelfastAndrew McCrackenNo relation
Ken Day1940's ?Rochester, BelfastAndrew McCrackenNo relation
Mr Packer1940's ?Rochester, BelfastAndrew McCrackenNo relation
Mr Dewhurst1940's ?Rochester, BelfastAndrew McCrackenNo relation
Jack LoweSheet Metal Worker1940's ?RochesterJoella LoweGrandfather
Guy LoweSenior Carpenter1940's ?RochesterJoella Lowe?
Mollie GilesAdminstrators/office clerks1940's ?RochesterJoella Lowe?
Betty GilesAdminstrators/office clerks1940's ?RochesterJoella Lowe?
Eric DeaconAircraft fitter incl Sunderland1930's-40'sRochesterLindsay DeaconGrandad
Peggy MilesRiveting mate incl Sunderland1930's-40'sRochesterLindsay DeaconNan
Leonard William MillisElectrician1940's?Rochester Esplanade Drawing officeJohn MillisFather
Herbert MillisIn charge of Doping Shop1940'sRochester EsplanadeJohn MillisUncle
Frederick Millis?1940'sRochester EsplanadeJohn MillisUncle
Martin HarveyEngineer1940'sRochester Esplanade Adam HadleyGrandadStill have Sunderland parts and blueprints
Colin DartnellHull Inspector on Sunderlands1939 to post warRochester EsplanadeNick BurdettGrandfatherHull inspector on Sudnerlands. And job mainly involvedwater tests on the hull that were run down the slipway that still exists. Also was an ARP at the airport. Nick has a shell head that almost hit his grandfather after he shut the doors on the air raid shelter at the airport. Offered chance togo to Ireland but declined.
John BattyDraftsman on flying boats and Entertainment officer1940sRochester, WindermereChristine GraceGrandfatherDesigned a toolto help with rivets on planes. He is mentioned in the book by Allan King - Wings on Windermere.
Olga Laraman (nee Ledger)Secretary to Chief BuyerRochester EsplanadeChris TongAunt
Norman EllisPatternmaker flying boats incl Sunderland1925 onwardsRochester EsplanadeMarian MonradFatherMy dad became apprenticed in 1925 at the Esplanade factory and I still have a copy of his papers signed by Oswald Short both his starting document and his finishing papers. I also have a photo of him with I think it was called the Sunderland Flying Boat. He went on to work at Kent Alloys sometime during the war and I always assumed they were somehow connected to Shorts. He left there in 1945 to work for Cox & Co in Gillingham.
Alice RobbinsPantograph Operator - flyingboats incl Sunderland1940sRochester EsplanadeMarian MonradMothermy mum worked at the Esplanade factory during the war. I assume she was there for the whole duration. She also worked on the Flying Boat. That's how they met.
Albert GilmoreRochesterJeanette BakerFather
Raymond BrownApprentice Panel Beater1940sRochesterJacquetta BrownUntil conscripted
Ewart John GoodhewProgress Chaser1940sRochester Esplanade and airportBarbara TaitFatherAlso member of Home Guard during war
Thomas SextonTender Crew - seaplanes1940sRochester EsplanadeBrian WickerGrandfather
Elsie SextonRunner1940sRochester EsplanadeBrian WickerMother
George RogersEngineerRochesterMark RogersGrandad
Anne ParkinsonSecretary1940s - 1947RochesterDavid HowellMumLeft to get married
George William Blythc 1939Rochester EsplanadeNicola BlythGrandad
Norman FitzpatrickRochesterPaul FitzpatrickFather
Harry TottmanRochesterAaron SpackmanGreat Grandfather
Ernest HothamMachinist making parts for Stirling bombers1930s. Relocated to Swindon in 1940 post 15 August 1940 bombing raid on airport.RochesterLinda DurhamGrandfatherErnest Edward Hotham started working for Short Brothers in the 1930’s (unsure of exact year but he was there at time of Kings visit) He worked at Rochester Airport as a machinist making parts for the Stirling Bomber at the beginning of the 2nd World War. On 15th August 1940 the Germans bombed the Rochester airfield factory & grandad transferred to Swindon & we think he was based in railway works where he continued to make aircraft parts . During his time at Swindon he was promoted to Auto-Setter. When Shorts moved to Belfast my grandad returned to the Medway Towns
George William HilburnElectrician/ Electrical InspectorFeb 1938 - April 1948Rochester esplanadeDarren Hilburn
Ethel DavisOfficeRochester esplanadeJoan BakerMumTwins
Kathleen DavisOfficeRochester esplanadeJoan BakerAuntTwins
Daphne LangleyDraughtsman's Office, shorthand typist1936 - 1942RochesterJohn BeckMum
Lawrence Edward Alder1940sRochesterJayne WatsonGrandfather
Bruce WalkerApprentice - worked on Sudnerlands and Stirlings1940s - 1946Rochester airport and esplanadeSimon WalkerFather
Keith WalkerApprentice1940sRochesterSimon WalkerUncle
Freda Attwood (nee Booker)Secretary, Audit Department1940sRochester EsplanadeJane BookerLeft work in evening to go fire watching on Rochester High Street. Started work in Audit Dept then Sir John Buchanan the Technical Director needed a secretary so took up role.Left company when they relocated to Belfast.
Sir John Buchanan Technical Director1940sRochester EsplanadeJane Booker
Geoff BryantFitter - worked on Sunderlands1940sRochester EsplanadeJill GainsfordDad
Alfred GoddenFitterRochester, BelfastCaroline GowerGrandfather
Joan StewartTypist1940sRochester airportSally ChalmersMumAfter airport buildings were destroyed was directed to work in war office.
George FlintCarpenter1940sRochesterLiz CookGrandfather
Leslie RichesRochesterMartin RichesGrandfather
Mr WoodsRochesterDarren LinghamGrandfather
Idris Davies (Dave)RochesterJean Fray
Albert MillenAircraft FitterRochesterMichael LawrenceFatherMedway People Facebook Group
Edith KennetCanteenRochesterJacquelyne AersMother
Jack BaileyShop Floor1930'sRochesterJacquelyne AersFather
Cyril BishopRochesterMarilynn ThompsonEx Boss
Dennis BoltonSkin RiveterRochesterSteve HartridgeGrandfather
Betty WilleyOffice AssistantRochesterJo StevensNan
Alice SpicerRochesterDiane Merrick
Alice SpicerAircraft fitterRochester EsplanadeJo KnightFatherMedway Together Facebook Group
Joan BrownShorthand typistRochester EsplanadeKaren Daunt-JonesMother
Grace HudsonJunior office clerk1943 onwardsRochester EsplanadeTracy LindsayNan
Frederick Arthur SnapeRochesterJane Baker-DaviesHusbands Father
Ivy BrenchleyWorked on planesEarly 1940sRochester EsplanadeBarbara BasdenMum
Henry Moffett1940sRochester EsplanadeEve MoffettGrandadDuring second world war. Wasn’t called up for ative service as broke a leg in a motorcycle accident in 1930s.
Irene PegdenHead Pastry CookUntil 1942Rochester EsplanadeMaureen ShepherdMotherLeft when she got married to father.
Ronald FrenchMetal sheeting for wings1948Rochester EsplanadeMaureen ShepherdFatherWorked on Sunderland flying boats. Left when works closed as did not want to relocate to Ireland.
Ken CollinsMillerRochesterMel CollinsThe ME Medway Postcode Facebook Group
Bert WestonChippyRochesterMel Collins
Henry Charles EdwardsDrawing OfficeRochester EsplanadeBroach RaeDadMoved to Belfast with Shorts when 26 and carried on working until 55 years old.
William Sydney RogersRochesterGloria MarshFather
Arther BassonMachine Tool SetterRochesterMick Waller
George ListerJig and tools department. Worked on Maia and Mercury1936 onwardsRochester EsplanadeShazza MarieGrandadGeorge was born in 1914 and served his time at the railway works in Doncaster, where he worked on the Flying Scotsman. In 1936 he worked for Short Brothers starting in the jig and tools department and worked on the Maia and Mercury Seaplanes. After a time he moved to outside staff, travelling to airbases around the country to modify and repair seaplanes.
Elizabeth RogersShop StewardWWIIRochesterVivienne TruszkowskaNan
Ronald SmithRochesterTheresa Smith
Harry J WoolleyProject EngineerRochesterLynn Woolley
Margaret Wilkins1940sRochesterIan WilkinsNan
Phyllis OldhamAssembley LineRochesterJulie Oldham
Arthur WildRochesterJanet Hatt
Ivy WoodRochesterJanet Hatt
Marjorie JacksonWorked on Stirlings and seaplanes. Electrical wiring systems1940sRochester airport and esplanadeJean LoynesMum
Iris WilsonOfficePost 1945RochesterLesley Hibbin
Victor HolickRochesterVikki Ann ArnallHusbands Grandad
George William SmithRear of seaplanesRochesterDavid Smith
George SmithRochesterRosalind Smith Edmonds
Ivy Harris (Webb)Munitions1940'sRochesterAndrew HarrisMum
George Tillmanearly 1940sRochesterChris Tillman
Daisy May BaldockWorked on wings and fuel tank. A special covering to seal fuel tank if struck by bullet1940'sRochesterSophie BaldockNan
Alan Moore1940sRochester/ BelfastTina MooreUncle
Charlie Luxon1st March 1942RochesterChris WillingMaternal GrandfatherStill has pass.Pass number 8550. Dated 1 March 1942
Harold ReddingRochesterAnn KellyFather
Peggy (Margaret) StockdaleRochesterSharon StratfordHusbands Aunt
Frank AdamsRochesterGloria RichesDad
Ena May NewnhamRochesterJanet HughesMum