Short Brothers Aviation Pioneers

1917 – 1947

SHORTS BOYS | These are the men, women and boys who worked for Short Brothers

STEPHEN FOY.... by himself

“I was at Rochester Airport when the American ‘Flying Fortress’ overshot the field when trying to land and bounced over the canteen, dipped the port wing cutting the tops of the trees and crashed just before the dog racing track. I believe the Ball Gun Turret man was killed at once.

There was a collection taken at Shorts at the time. Those were the days when everybody looked out for everyone else too.

My foreman was Jack Salt and the chargehand was Stanley Pointer, all good men!”

Stephen was a ‘rivet boy’ from 1944 – 1945 in Centre ‘E’ at Rochester Airport and from 1945 -1946 worked at the Flying School at the Airport on the Short ‘Sturgeon’.

He was a member of The Panel Beaters Association.

Wikipedia tells us…

The Short Sturgeon  was a British carrier-borne reconnaissance bomber whose development began during Second World War with the S.6/43 requirement for a high-performance torpedo bomber, which was later refined into the S.11/43 requirement which was won by the Sturgeon. With the end of the war in the Pacific production of the aircraft carriers from which the Sturgeon was intended to operate was suspended and the original reconnaissance bomber specification was cancelled.